Filet Mignon & Prime Rib   

Filet Mignon: $25.00/Pkg 
Package Size: 1 lb - 2 Pieces of Filet Mignon

The filet mignon runs parallel to the loin muscle that makes the NY strip. It is considered by many to be the best cut in the animal and is as such the most expensive cut available with only 6-8 lbs available per animal.

The King of Cuts. Eating it is a luxurious experience. Whether treating family, friends or the significant other in your life to a special occasion. It is a cut of meat that never disappoints and never lacks in flavour and class.


Prime Rib: $55.00/Pkg
Package Size: 4-6 lb Roast

The Prime Rib is the same cut of the animal as Rib-Eye and bone in Rib Steaks. It has been a classic prime cut served in restaurants and around the world for generations.

The best quality roast in the animal in term ofprice and gauranteed flavour and tenderness. Pair it with wine and sides of potatoes and salad and you will never lose.

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