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Were and How Products are Sold?   
Our beef is currently available in three ways: 

Local Farmers Markets

We sell our beef currently through one local Farmers Markets in the BC Peace

Dawson Creek Farmers Market: February to December (Saturday 9am - 2pm)

Direct through the Online Order Form

Orders placed through the online order form are delivered directly to our customers along our delivery routes in the BC Peace Region and our Alberta routes through Grande Prairie, Edmonton and Calgary. 

Deliveries to Grande Praire, Edmonton and Calgary are scheduled approximately every three weeks.

Farm Gate 

Beef is available for pickup and purchase at the ranch as well, people are more than welcome to come out and view the ranch and pick their meat up right out of the freezer. Contact us for more informaton. 
The Basics
 Nimitz Beef is only offered in British Columbia and Alberta

Rules of thumb for inventory levels: Winter - Spring (Limited Inventory, Reduced Delivery Dates) | Summer - Fall (Lots of Inventory, More Delivery Dates)
Currently Nimitz Beef delivers in the BC Peace Region

Order are available to Pickup at the Dawson Creek Farmers Market: February-December

Alberta deliveries are done along our outlined route between Grande Prairie and Calgary we hope to expand our delivery area in the future.
Delivery costs run between $20.00 and $50.00 if you are along our shipping route shown below. The beef is packaged so that it can be delivered to your porch and stay frozen up to 15 hours if you are not home at the time of drop off. 

Orders over $250 are delivered free of charge along our route. 
If you would like to place and order but you are not located along our shipping route please contact us for more information.
Please Contact Us with any questions.
*Shipping Prices and dates can be subject to change*
Delivery Route
(Source Google Maps)
Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nimitz Beef Organic?

The process for producing Nimitz Beef is very close to organic however, we are not a certified organic ranch so the product cannot be classified as such.

What is the difference between organic and grass fed?

Organic simply means that all the organic matter that the animal is fed is never exposed to chemicals and the grains and forages that they consumer are not genetically modified organisms. Organic animals can still be finished in feed lots and consume a high grain diet that results in a less healthy animals and beef product for the consumer. It more specifies that the animals never receive antibiotics or hormones. Grass fed as we pursue at Nimitz Beef means that the animals eat their natural diets before being processed. Consisting of natural grasses and forages, none of our land is sprayed with chemicals so our animals eat largely an organic diet. The animals are never exposed to hormones and are only given antibiotics if they are injured or become sick. By grass feeding our animals we produce a healthier product that is also safer from e. coli contamination.

How is Nimitz Beef packaged?

The beef is packed and shipped in insulated cardboard boxes with cold packs. It is prepared to stay cold for approximately 24 hours. Upon receiving it is recommended that the beef is frozen if it is not going to be consumed in a timely manner.

How does the beef get to the customer?

We work to deliver along our shipping route approxiamtely once every two or three weeks as outlined under the shipping info page. Delivery that is not on the marked route might be available so do not hesitate to ask. We delvier to your door unless other arrangements are made. 

Where can I buy Nimitz Beef? 

Currently it is only available on site at the Dawson Creek Farmers Market in BC. But orders and pre-orders can be placed on our facebook page, our website, through email or on the phone. Just get in touch with us to find out. 

Why is Nimitz Beef only available in BC and Alberta?

It is only available at this time in these two provinces because the only processing plants within reasonable travel distance are only Provincially Licensed. Meaning that animals processed at them can only be sold in that province. For BC we use Lawrences Meat Packing CO LTD in Dawson Creek, BC and for Alberta we use H&M Meats in Grande Prairie, AB. 

Can I buy 1/4, 1/2, or whole animals from Nimitz Beef?

Yes you can, just contact us for more details on wait times and deposits. 

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