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What is in the beef you're cooking?
What is in the beef you're cooking?

Mar 26 2012 11:06AM Posted by Michael Nimitz

Nimitz Beef Experiment Stage 2

Have you ever cooked tacos, pasta sauce or meat loaf and wondered why your food is swimming in grease. Well it all has to do with the type of beef you are cooking. The type of beef you are cooking relates to the animals diet. Mass produced meats in Canada come from finishing feedlots, where they consume a high content grain diet to fatten and come to finishing weight faster than is natural. How does this affect the meat you are eating?

We conducted an experiment we purchased a package of lean ground beef from our local supermarket. The name of the store has been excluded from this experiment as the beef is similar in all supermarkets and this is not being written to slander grocery stores. The meat was measured and cooked against our Nimitz Deluxe Ground Beef.

The Process:

  1. We measured out 250 grams of each of the types of beef
  2. We cooked them separately in the same frying pan in the same style at the same heat for the same amount of time
  3. When they were browned and finished cooking to a safe level we drained the grease from the pan into a glass that holds exactly 1 cup of fluid. The glass was used instead of a measuring cup because it is clear and presents a good visual.
  4. The grease was then weighed


Not only is the amount of grease in this experiment important but also be sure to look for the colour difference in the grease between the 2 types of beef.

The results as can be seen above are quite shocking and quite obviously one sided. Notice the large difference in the amounts of grease drained. 38 grams of grease was drained from the supermarket lean ground beef that was purchased. 3 grams of grease was drained from the Nimitz Beef deluxe lean ground beef; which equates to almost 13 times more in the supermarket beef. As well the grease drained from the Nimitz Beef deluxe lean ground seems to possess a healthier tint.

Hopefully the visuals shown in this experiment will make you a little more aware of how much the diet of an animal affects the quality ofi ts meat. Just another way that Nimitz Beef is trying to educate and provide asuperior artisan product to their consumers.


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