Ordering & Pre-Order Info
Orders are filled in a first come first serve basis, the best way to secure your desired order is through pre-ordering now!

Rules of thumb for inventory levels: Winter - Spring (Limited Inventory, Reduced Delivery Dates) | Summer - Fall (Lots of Inventory, More Delivery Dates) 

Payment is not needed upon placing an order with the order form. The only orders that require a deposit are qaurter, half and whole animals and you will be contacted about this after placing your order. Payment for all other orders is accepted at drop off. 

After you place an order you will be contacted by a Nimitz Beef representative letting you know when your order will be available for delivery. 

Nimitz Beef is only available to customers in Alberta and British Columbia.
*If you have any questions or would prefer to contact us over the phone please do not hesistate to call (250) 719 - 5882

All of the cuts below are priced per individual package. So for example you get two steaks per package or one four to six pound roast. if you are looking for 10 steaks total you would place 5 in the slot to order 5 packages.
Please fill in the Order form below:    

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