What We Believe
At Nimitz Beef we believe in a wholesome product. The word "Wholesome" to us symbolizes what is wrong with mass produced beef available in most supermarkets today. We are different, we believe in basing our production around values. Values that result in a healthier animal, a healthier cut of meat, a healthier environment and hopefully a healthier you.
We achieve a wholesome product by sticking with our values, values based around embracing nature, treating our animals with respect and some good old fashioned cowboying with our horses.  
Ranch Values    
Our ranch values encompass 4 key concepts:

A Holisitic Approach
A Healthy Product
Low Stress and Cruelty Free Environment
The History of the Ranch
Nimitz Beef is raised on the Kiskatinaw River Ranch, which is run by us the Nimitz family. Read about the ranches history since it was founded in the 1980's. 

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