Cuts and Pricing   

At Nimitz Beef we offer a limited number of cuts. Our system allows us to have tighter inventory control, benefiting the customer by being able to offer them a fresher and higher quality product. All our steaks are boneless and our ground beef and patties are a minimum of 85% lean and full of taste. If you would like to see a new product offered by Nimitz Beef please leave a comment on the
Contact Us page. 

Lean Ground Products, Stew and Non-Primal Steaks

Deluxe Lean Ground
: $6.50/Pkg (1 lb)

Cook with options. The most versatile product we offer, whether you want gourmet hand crafted burgers, chilli, rice or pasta sauce, meatloaf or other meat inventions ground beef always avoids boredom and repetition in the kitchen.

Lean Beef Patties:  $10.00/pkg (1.5 lb)

Convenient Classic. Its barbeque day and everyone is anticipating a great burger. Take the guess work out of preparation and simply place on the grill. Smiles guaranteed whether it’s a family BBQ for the kids or a casual day in the backyard or at the cottage with friends.

Italian and Breakfast Sausages: $9.00/pkg (1.5 lbs)
Spice up your life. Great for adding a creative edge to pizzas, eggs and everything else you can think of. 

Stewing Beef: $7.00/pkg (1 lb) 

Pre cubed for your enjoyment, now you got a stew going. 

Chuck Steaks: $20.00/pkg (3-4 lbs) 

Front end steak, not considered to be a primal but the next best thing. Great bang for your buck when it come to BBQ season. 

Minute Steaks: $7.00/pkg (1 lb)  

Tenderized round steaks, great fast cooking option for a steak and egg kind of morning.  
Ribs, Soup Bones and Liver   

Maui Ribs: $12.00/pkg (5-7 Ribs)

Ribs made simple. Beer in hand and friends to feed the BBQ’er has found their perfect match. The cross cut rib takes the time out of perfectly preparing a nice set of ribs. They come out more like a steak but still have that unique rib taste. Cover in your favourite sauce, rub them, baste them or simply grill and serve.

Short Ribs: $12.00/pkg (5-7 Ribs)

A classic going back to your parents generation. Braise em, bake em, slow cook em and if you are daring bbq them. It doesn't matter they always turn out delicious.  

Soup Bones: $20.00 (10 lb Bag) 

Soup bones are the essential component of great stock or broth, make sure you roast them before boiling them down for even more flavour.

Liver: $5.00 (1 lb Sliced)  

If you are a fan of liver ours is gauranteed to be some of the best you have ever had, the natural grass diet of cattle results in liver with better taste.  

Prime Cuts    

Rib Eye Steak: $25.00/pkg (2 Steaks)

Sultan of steaks. A steak meal that impresses all audiences, whether they are partners, parents or in-laws they will see the cook in a new glow following this meat wonderment. Both tender and succulent, it is a freezer essential for serious carnivore. 

Filet Mignon: $25.00/pkg (2 Steaks) 

The King of Cuts. Eating it is a luxurious experience. Whether treating family, friends or the significant other in your life to a special occasion. It is a cut of meat that never disappoints and never lacks in flavour and class. 

NY Strip: $22.50/pkg (2 Steaks)

Knowing what you want. Bone out NY strip is a steak for a person that knows what they want. No bones and no eating complications. Always a tasty cut built for ease and to please.

Sirloin Steak: $20.00/pkg (2 Steaks)

Adventure Steak. The steak that can be striped, chopped, baked or grilled; the sirloin makes cooking options endless. Whether it’s a stir-fry, quesadilla, steak sandwich or beside the mashed potatoes the sirloin is always a good experience.

Prime Rib Roast: $55.00/pkg (4-6 lbs)

Cook up this great piece of meat when you need something different than a steak. The same quality cut as our Rib Eye steak but in the form of a standing rib roast. 


Cross Rib Roast: $30.00/Roast (4-6 lbs)

Eat it right off the bone. Tender and juicy, cook it slow and the meat falls right off the bones but doesn't dry out. Hard to beat, not hard to eat.
Sirloin Tip Roast: $30.00/Roast (4-6 lbs)

One of the leaner roasts available, good for the health conscience consumer with family to please.  Tasty, healthy and hard to beat.

Rump Roast: $30.00/Roast (4-6 lbs)

The Classics. For hundreds of years families have enjoyed rump roasts. A cut off the back end that offers the perfect companion for the mashed potatoes or a nice lean cut for a roast beef sandwich or a beef dip.

Brisket: $30.00/pkg (4-6 lbs)

For the serious backyard chef, this chunk of meat is was for a smoker. Cook it slow, the slower the better when it comes to tenderness and flavor. A classic in the south and hopefully for you as well.  

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