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The Space Debate: Finishing Cattle
Feb 27 2013 8:51AM Posted by Michael Nimitz


There are numerous perks to finishing our cattle on grass and natural forages. It provides them the space needed to maintain a healthy amount of exercise. More space allows for healthier conditions with less exposure to muddy or manure filled areas. With fewer animals in larger areas there is less chance of animals becoming sick as well as spreading sickness to the other animals in the pasture.

Animals finished in larger areas have no need for antibiotics because of a higher standard of living being provided to them. The space provided to our animals to access their food is another advantage of our system. In feedlots the average amount of space per animal at the feeding bunk is 2 feet1.  Crowding create a very competitive feeding environment that can be detrimental to the health of smaller animals. When our animals are being finished they have access to a much larger area that allows them to eat at the rate that their body requires when developing in a healthy manner.

Our animals are rotationally grazed in the grass season which benefits our land and the development of our pastures in a healthy grass cycle. The parasite cycles are also broken down through rotational grazing, thus producing a healthy life style for any grazing animals.

In winter our animals are fed in various pasture areas where the added organic matter of their manure and hay waste helps to develop the nutrient density of the soil in the spring. Aiding in pasture development for the grass season and creating a healthy cyclical relationship between our animals and the land.





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