Custom Cuts Available for Order    
This is a list of custom cuts that have been ordered by customers in the past, as well as several options we offer our customers.

 Cut NamePrice / lb 
 Price / kg
Approximate Size
 Stewing Beef $7.00
1 lb
 Usually in Stock
 Chuck Steak
 $7.50 $16.501.5 lb
 Flank Steak
1-2 lbs
 Minute Steaks
1 lb
 Usually in Stock

 $5.00 $11.001 lb
 Heart $5.00 $11.002.5 lbs
 Liver $5.00
 $11.001 lb
Usually in Stock 
 $8.801.5 lb
 Soup Bones
 $2.00 $4.405 lbs
 Usually in Stock
Where and How Products are Sold    
Our beef products are sold through two local farmers market, directly form the ranch as farm gate and directly to customers along our delivery routes using our website.  

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