Deluxe Lean Ground Beef

Outline of Ground BeefGround Beef Pasta SauceLean ground beef tacos
Deluxe Lean Ground: $6.50/lb
Package Size: 1 lb
Made up of the Chuck, Shank, Brisket and Plate

Our ground beef is around 90% lean and full of flavour. The difference is immediately noticeable when cooking compared to store bought ground beef with both the flavour and the fat content.

Feel free to try some of our favourite recipes

Cook with options. The most versatile product we offer,whether you want gourmet hand crafted burgers, chilli, rice or pasta sauce,meatloaf or other meat inventions ground beef always avoids boredom and repetition in the kitchen.

Stew Beef   

Stewing Beef: $7.00/lb
Package Size: 1 lb 

Stewing beef is pre-cubed from many of the same regions of the animal as our premium ground beef. Taking the work out of cold weather meals.  
Lean Beef Patties

Lean Beef Patties OutlineLean Beef Patties BBQ

Lean Beef Patties: $10.00/pkg
Package Size: 1.5 lb - 6 Burger Patties 1\4 lb each

The lean beef patties are made up of the same portions of the animal as the deluxe lean ground. They are also around 90% lean and have the same flavour as the ground, with just extra a little extra work on our part to supply you with a grill ready and delicious 1/4 pound hamburger, best cooked over wood coals or on a BBQ.

Convenient Classic. Its barbeque day and everyone is anticipating a great burger. No filler just flattened wholesome and healthy beef. 

Italian Sausages: $9.00/Pkg
Package Size: 1.5 lb - 6 Sausages

The Spicy Italian Sausages are made up of the same portions of the animal as the deluxe lean ground. They are make exclusively with Nimitz Beef and Nimitz Beef Trimmings. Great on their own or added to delicious creations such as pizza.  Nitrate Free

Breakfast Suasages: $9.00/Pkg
Package Size: 1 lb - 10 Sausages

The Breakfast Sausages are an all beef, low salt alternative to the subpar creations to get at the grocery store or most restaurants. If you like breakfast then these are a safe bet 10 out of 10 times. Nitrate Free

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