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Sirloin Steak

Sirloin Steak: $22.50/Pkg
Package Size: 1.5 lbs - 2 Steaks per Package

Our sirloin steaks are boneless and taken from the back section of the animal near and below the hip bone. They are best cooked in strips and consumed as a finger food.

Adventure Steak. The steak that can be striped, chopped, baked or grilled; the sirloin makes cooking options endless. Whether it is a stir-fry, quesadilla, steak sandwich or beside the mashed potatoes the sirloin is always a good experience.

Rib Eye Steak

Rib Eye Steak: $27.50/Pkg
Package Size: 1.5 lbs - 2 Steaks per Package

The boneless rib steak is taken from the front end of the animal unlike our other steaks offered. It comes from the primal rib area, and is one of the tenderest cuts available.

Sultan of steaks. A steak meal that impresses all audiences,whether they are partners, parents or in-laws they will see the cook in a new glow following this meat wonderment. Both tender and succulent, it is a freezer essential for serious carnivores. 

NY Strip Steak

NY Strip: $25.00/Pkg
Package Size: 1.5 lbs - 2 Steaks per Package

The NY strip is a loin muscle along the spine of the animal separated from the tenderloin by the T shaped bone beneath the spine. All our steaks are boneless for increased ease of handling and cooking.

Knowing what you want. Bone out NY strip is a steak for aperson that knows what they want. No bones and no eating complications. Alwaysa tasty cut built for ease and to please.

Filet Mignon & Prime Rib   

Filet Mignon: $25.00/Pkg 
Package Size: 1 lb - 2 Pieces of Filet Mignon

The filet mignon runs parallel to the loin muscle that makes the NY strip. It is considered by many to be the best cut in the animal and is as such the most expensive cut available with only 6-8 lbs available per animal.

The King of Cuts. Eating it is a luxurious experience. Whether treating family, friends or the significant other in your life to a special occasion. It is a cut of meat that never disappoints and never lacks in flavour and class.


Prime Rib: $60.00/Pkg 
Package Size: 4-6 lb Roast

The Prime Rib is the same cut of the animal as Rib-Eye and bone in Rib Steaks. It has been a classic prime cut served in restaurants and around the world for generations.

The best quality roast in the animal in term ofprice and gauranteed flavour and tenderness. Pair it with wine and sides of potatoes and salad and you will never lose.

Sirloin Tip Roasts

Sirloin Tip Roast: $35.00/Roast
Package Size: 4-5 lbs

The sirloin tip roast comes from an area below the hip and the area that the steaks come from. It is of limited size and results in fewer roasts being available per animal.

One of the leaner roasts available, good for the health conscience consumer with family to please. Tasty, healthy and hard to beat. Best cooked when roasted in the oven until medium rare to medium well done.

Rump Roasts

Rump Roasts: $$35.00/Roast
Package Size: 4-5 lbs

Rump Roasts include the hip and rump making up a portion of the back end of the animal.

The Classic. For hundreds of years families have enjoyed rump roasts. Offering the perfect companion for the mashed potatoes or a nice lean cut for a roast beef sandwich or a beef dip.

Cross Rib Roasts   
Cross Rib Roast: $35.00/Roast
Package Size: 4-5 lbs

The only roast we offer form the front half of the animal. It is often a bone in roast which results in it having a higher level of marbling than the rump and sirloin tip roasts.

Eat it right off the bone. Tender and juicy, cook it slow and the meat falls right off the bones but doesn't dry out. Hard to beat, not hard to eat. 


Brisket: $45.00/Pkg
Package Size: 4-6 lbs

The Brisket is from the belly of the cow and contains a fairly high fat content. These attributes make it perfect for slow cooking or smoking and it is gauranteed to be a full flavoured piece of meat at the end of the day.  

For the serious backyard chef, this chunk of meat is was for a smoker. Cook it slow, the slower the better when it comes to tenderness and flavor. A classic in the south and hopefully for you as well. 
Deluxe Lean Ground Beef

Outline of Ground BeefGround Beef Pasta SauceLean ground beef tacos
Deluxe Lean Ground: $7.50/lb
Package Size: 1 lb
Made up of the Chuck, Shank, Brisket and Plate

Our ground beef is around 90% lean and full of flavour. The difference is immediately noticeable when cooking compared to store bought ground beef with both the flavour and the fat content.

Feel free to try some of our favourite recipes

Cook with options. The most versatile product we offer,whether you want gourmet hand crafted burgers, chilli, rice or pasta sauce,meatloaf or other meat inventions ground beef always avoids boredom and repetition in the kitchen.

Stew Beef   

Stewing Beef: $7.50/lb
Package Size: 1 lb 

Stewing beef is pre-cubed from many of the same regions of the animal as our premium ground beef. Taking the work out of cold weather meals.  
Italian Sausages: $10.00/Pkg
Package Size: 1.5 lb - 6 Sausages

The Spicy Italian Sausages are made up of the same portions of the animal as the deluxe lean ground. They are make exclusively with Nimitz Beef and Nimitz Beef Trimmings. Great on their own or added to delicious creations such as pizza.  Nitrate Free

Breakfast Suasages: $10.00/Pkg
Package Size: 1 lb - 10 Sausages

The Breakfast Sausages are an all beef, low salt alternative to the subpar creations to get at the grocery store or most restaurants. If you like breakfast then these are a safe bet 10 out of 10 times. Nitrate Free


Short Ribs: $17.50/Pkg
Package Size: 2 lbs (7-10 per package)

Short Ribs are chunk cut rib bones that are known for thier meatiness and flavour.  

A classic going back to your parents generation. Braise em, bake em, slow cook em and if you are daring bbq them. It doesn't matter they always turn out delicious.  

Soup Bones   

Soup Bones: $15.00/Bag
Package Size: 10 lb Bag 

Soup bones are made by slicing marrow and joint bones. Then when these are cooked to produce broth and stock you can create a nutrient dense liquid that goes well with almost everything 

 Pro Tip: If you roast your bones first with aromatic veggies it will result in a far more favorable bone broth
Liver: $5.00/lb
Package Size: 1 lb (Sliced)

Liver is renowned for its health benefits that being say organ meats are not for everyone. But if they are for you then our liver with be the best you can buy gauranteed.  
Chuck Steaks and Minute Steaks   
Chuck Steaks: $20.00/pkg
Package Size: 3-4 lbs

The best non primal steak in the animal. The sheer size of the steaks themselves make for a great purchase as full bellies and leftovers are guaranteed. 

Minute Steaks: $10.00/pkg
Package Size: 1 lb 

The original fast fry/cook steak. Great for a quick steak and eggs in the morning or a souther class chicken fried steak  
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