Holisitic Approach

The ranch is managed according to a recognized Environmental Farm Plan featuring a holistic approach to human and natural resources. While this covers a broad number of issues the most important that we focus on is not adding any harmful toxins to our soils, grasslands or forests. The ranch is managed without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and benefits from our natural manure management.

We do not harvest any of our own hay and as such our tillage is limited to small areas and is only done with an Aerway and chain harrows which improves water retention capacity of the soil, while reducing dust and soil erosion. By purchasing all of our hay we are essentially adding organic matter and nutrients to our land through grazing and feeding and not taking any from it.

Our three part holistic goal for our ranch is: To envision things long term and eventually develop the landscape to a sustainable level that will support various means of production that will provide the necessary income to allow all members of the family to have the appropriate lifestyle that they requires both in terms of economic and personal development. 


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