Defined By Our Differences   

Clean and Simple Ingredients 

It says right on the label No Added Preservative, No Nitrates, No MSG, No Soy, No Refined Sugars, No Dairy, No Gluten and it is a promise we keep. 

Have you ever looked at the back of a food label and wondered if it was infact printed in english because those are definately not words you covered in grade 5 spelling. The most difficult thing to read on our label is the word Jalapeno or Natural.... look at how easy that was. So then next time you flip over a snack to peek at the back and see those terrifying 8 syllable words staring back at you, please think of us.  

We are making a commitment to a clean product, because you deserve it. 


 Sustainably Produced and Harvested Smoking Wood

Just Jerky. is smoked with our natural and native willow wood that we harvest off of our ranch property. Our ranches sustainability and environmental farm plan help us have a nearly unlimited supply of our own clean natural willow wood to produce our jerky with.  

Grass-Fed Natural Beef Raised on our Ranch 

The Just Jerky. beef comes from animals raised on our ranch by us through the Nimitz Beef production process. We have a higher quality source of beef than anyone else producing jerky because it has to pass our quality standards on our ranch before it is used.  

Online Ordering and Free Shipping | Delivery

All online orders are shipped for free in British Columbia, Canada. The only province you can get this delicious snack in. A $50.00 minimum order does apply to the free shipping offer.  Orders ship out every monday morning to anywhere in British Columbia that can recieve shipments. 

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