Maui Ribs: $12.00/Pkg
Package Size: 1.5 lbs (5-7 per package)

Maui style ribs are short ribs that are cross cut to resemble a small steak, they are easier to grill and are a good companion to social gatherings with friends.

Ribs made simple. Beer in hand and friends to feed the BBQ’er has found their perfect match. The cross cut rib takes the time out of perfectly preparing a nice set of ribs. They come out more like a steak but still have that unique rib taste. Cover in your favourite sauce, rub them, baste them or simply grill and serve.

Short Ribs: $12.00/Pkg
Package Size: 1.5 lbs (6-8 per package)

Short Ribs are chunk cut rib bones that are known for thier meatiness and flavour.  

A classic going back to your parents generation. Braise em, bake em, slow cook em and if you are daring bbq them. It doesn't matter they always turn out delicious.  

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