Package Discounts
Four packages are available to order and will be available at the same price for the complete year of 2019. The package discounts provide you with the greatest value we have to offer, except for ordering quarters, halves and whole animals. Orders over $250.00 deliver for free along our delivery routes
Variety Packages
The Big Box:
Package Discount 10%

2 Roasts: Either Rump, Sirloin Tip and Cross Rib

20 Packages Deluxe Lean Ground

2 Package Rib Eye Steaks

2 Package Filet Mignon  

2  Package NY Strip Steaks
2 Package Sirloin Steaks 
2 Package Maui Ribs


Total Value: $455.00 | You Pay $400.00


The Little Box:
Package Discount 6.5%

1 Roast: Choose from Rump, Sirloin Tip, and Cross Rib
1 Package Maui Ribs  
10 Packages Deluxe Lean Ground 
1 Package NY Strip Steaks

1 Package Sirloin Steaks

Total Value: $175.00 | You Pay $160.00
Deluxe Lean Ground Beef Boxes
Package Discount ($12.50)

15 Packages Deluxe Lean Ground

Total Value: $112.50 | You Pay: $100.00 

Package Discount ($17.50)
25 Packages Deluxe Lean Ground 

Total Value: $187.50 | You Pay: $160.00
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