Brisket: $45.00/Pkg
Package Size: 4-6 lbs

The Brisket is from the belly of the cow and contains a fairly high fat content. These attributes make it perfect for slow cooking or smoking and it is gauranteed to be a full flavoured piece of meat at the end of the day.  

For the serious backyard chef, this chunk of meat is was for a smoker. Cook it slow, the slower the better when it comes to tenderness and flavor. A classic in the south and hopefully for you as well. 
Cross Rib Roasts   
Cross Rib Roast: $35.00/Roast
Package Size: 4-5 lbs

The only roast we offer form the front half of the animal. It is often a bone in roast which results in it having a higher level of marbling than the rump and sirloin tip roasts.

Eat it right off the bone. Tender and juicy, cook it slow and the meat falls right off the bones but doesn't dry out. Hard to beat, not hard to eat. 

Sirloin Tip Roasts

Sirloin Tip Roast: $35.00/Roast
Package Size: 4-5 lbs

The sirloin tip roast comes from an area below the hip and the area that the steaks come from. It is of limited size and results in fewer roasts being available per animal.

One of the leaner roasts available, good for the health conscience consumer with family to please. Tasty, healthy and hard to beat. Best cooked when roasted in the oven until medium rare to medium well done.

Rump Roasts

Rump Roasts: $$35.00/Roast
Package Size: 4-5 lbs

Rump Roasts include the hip and rump making up a portion of the back end of the animal.

The Classic. For hundreds of years families have enjoyed rump roasts. Offering the perfect companion for the mashed potatoes or a nice lean cut for a roast beef sandwich or a beef dip.

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