Rib Eye Steak

Rib Eye Steak: $25.00/Pkg
Package Size: 1.5 lbs - 2 Steaks per Package

The boneless rib steak is taken from the front end of the animal unlike our other steaks offered. It comes from the primal rib area, and is one of the tenderest cuts available.

Sultan of steaks. A steak meal that impresses all audiences,whether they are partners, parents or in-laws they will see the cook in a new glow following this meat wonderment. Both tender and succulent, it is a freezer essential for serious carnivores. 

NY Strip Steak

NY Strip: $22.50/Pkg
Package Size: 1.5 lbs - 2 Steaks per Package

The NY strip is a loin muscle along the spine of the animal separated from the tenderloin by the T shaped bone beneath the spine. All our steaks are boneless for increased ease of handling and cooking.

Knowing what you want. Bone out NY strip is a steak for aperson that knows what they want. No bones and no eating complications. Alwaysa tasty cut built for ease and to please.

Sirloin Steak

Sirloin Steak: $20.00/Pkg
Package Size: 1.5 lbs - 2 Steaks per Package

Our sirloin steaks are boneless and taken from the back section of the animal near and below the hip bone. They are best cooked in strips and consumed as a finger food.

Adventure Steak. The steak that can be striped, chopped, baked or grilled; the sirloin makes cooking options endless. Whether it is a stir-fry, quesadilla, steak sandwich or beside the mashed potatoes the sirloin is always a good experience.

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