Beef Cuts Available and Pricing
Curious about the cuts of meat available for order. Click on the following link for a description of each meat cut offered by Nimitz Beef and their price. View Meat Cuts and Prices
How the Animals Are Raised
Producing our beef is a process that takes time and includes a NO, NO, NO philosophy. Traditional productions says you need hormone/steroid injections, we say NO. It also says that antibiotics are required to keep your animals healthy we say NO. We also say NO to feed additives, animal by-products and chemical sprays. With a healthy environment and a healthy diet the animals in our system never need any of these things. 

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Nimitz Beef is Healthy Beef
The Health benefits of our beef are extensive. The difference stems from the diet they eat prior to becoming the product that is offered to you the customer. Our cattle are finished on a diet of primarily grass and natural forages before they are processed. On this diet the healthy nutrients of the beef are boosted tremendously. The animals are never given grain or corn resulting in a product that is high in healthy conjugated lionlenic acids and has a healthier ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. As well as significantly boosted levels of Vitamin A and E. Beef is a healthy source of Vitamin B12, Zinc and Iron.
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Just Jerky. Info   
We have recently added a clean alternative to mass produced beef jerky to our product line

Just Jerky. is made in house from our own beef in our own certified kitchen

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